AWS Managed Services

Cloud services are our excellence!

Our 4 Ops Framework has been developed by the DevNinja think-tank, drawing upon over 12 years of hands-on experience in managing cloud operations. This comprehensive framework encompasses all the key aspects of cloud operations that enterprises should prioritize

What we do?

Align your business growth with the increasing work demands.

We achieve outstanding results through our 4-Ops framework, assisting your business in thriving within the digital landscape.


We handle both unexpected incidents and regular maintenance tasks with a guaranteed 100% SLA commitment. Additionally, we offer cloud monitoring and upkeep services.


Our services introduce financial accountability to the cloud's variable spending approach. We assist you in maintaining an efficient and cost-effective cloud.


Our innovative DevOps 3-D Framework comprises Discovery, Design, and Delivery, and it involves analyzing the current setup to formulate a DevOps roadmap.


We manage monitoring, assess risks, and safeguard assets. DevNinja's security checkpoint system monitors access and exit points for your cloud infrastructure.

Why Us?

Embrace the Agile and DevOps approach to conducting your business.

Our services ensure improved agility and robustness for your cloud-based IT infrastructure.
  • Automate daily tasks:

    We handle your everyday responsibilities such as monitoring, patch management, and incident management.

  • Governance

    We oversee your business's compliance needs, covering finance, technical, and operational requirements.

  • Optimization

    We continually generate value for your business through activities like cost optimization, architecture improvement, and resource enhancement, among others.